10 xrp???
how can i deposit credit
لقد قمت بارسال صوري للتأكد منها لاكنها رفضت
We appreciate for your services, I need helpWhat is BIN
What are the limitation in trading, deposits and withdrawal if you don't undergo KYC?
ff915b2a-5ac9-4339-9c45-5dbed37a82b0Your request for withdrawal 0.02517 BTC to 3NUhQtCJ7E6CcVnmGc8VuF3mQ5wnkHFmsi is now reviewing by system. You will be notified when it's transfered.
Hi please process my ETH withdraw thanks
sir , I want to know how many eth withdraw fee
Please process my ether withdrawl request
how long does it take to verify the ID?
Good day sir, please process my request. Until now it is under review.
Please help me! My verification was delayed for more 5 days
Hello dear administration of the exchange !!!!Please help me, for more than a week continues to check my documents in the verification of KYC, I would like to start trading on the stock exchange but I can not do it because the verification is in the status CHECKED !!!Why so long? I've been waiting a long time !!!Write your mail so that I will provide you with all the necessary data for your trial as well as a screenshot of your personal account with the passage of verification !!Thanks
ff915b2a-5ac9-4339-9c45-5dbed37a82b0please check my acount withdraw btc 30 day pending.
Why is the withdrawal under check lasts about 1 day
Hi there!Can I mining ripple on your website?If so - what's percent for mining ripple?
Hi.I sent a deposit to my credit wallet and never received it. I checked with Bitforex and they said it was sent successfully to terra-cex. I am enclosing a response sent by them.Can you please find out where my credit is . The amount was 42867655.88474781. It was sent on Nov.11th.
How to place an  order to sell ETC? Or how to exchange for credit?
The TXhash is a343dfad99d8137c155b9355c552e69207cf6dd9e9ef2e06da50249cddec2648, you can send this TXhash to ask the receive platform.Been going over thisd with Bitforex around and around. Here is the TXHASH  shows it was done but why is it still not showing in my account ? It was the CREDIT COIN 850,000 and its been around 30 hours. WHERE DID IT GO ?Please help because this is the first time this has happened it has always worked.Thank YouJeffrey [email protected]
Good dayCan u please assist with the following:How to move coins from credit minipos to bank account in order to withdraw (ZAR)?
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